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I make PowerPoint presentations in both Georgian and English. My services include custom icons, custom designs, animation, and presentation writing. The slideshow below displays two example presentations I've made, both complete with animations. You can send me a presentation to edit and touch up, or I can make one from scratch based on your sketch. The prices vary from presentation to presentation, and it will be a custom price, depending on the scale of your project and how soon you need it. All of my presentations are made using PowerPoint 2019. Contact me using the e-mail or the phone number on my website, written below.

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Bubble Theme - Title Layout
Bubble Theme - Title/Content Layout
Bubble Theme - Two Content Layout
Bubble Theme - Photo Layout
Blossom Theme - Title Layout
Blossom Theme - Title/Content Layout
Blossom Theme - Two Content Layout
Blossom Theme - Photo Layout